Weekend in Review//Stars, Cars & Boys


When I’m feeling tired from all the going-going-going, I remind myself to stay grateful we have so many great people to spend our time with. Since Colorado, we’ve been traveling or hosting friends at our house every weekend. It’s been a fun, albeit sleepy, few weeks. Here’s the highlights from this weekend.

We went dancing.

I made a new girlfriend.

The new apartment is coming together. We are purging our shit & enjoying the extra space for ourselves & our visitors.

We saw much-needed rain (finally!)

In lieu of church, I spent the wee hours of Sunday morning watching a meteor shower from the hood of a car. & I came to the solid conclusion that it was better than the pew, anyway.

Timothy Goodman favorited my tweet about him & the addictive Forty Days of Dating design/life project. Swoon.

I began working on my FIRST design freelance project. It’s scary & exciting.

What have you been up to this weekend?



One thought on “Weekend in Review//Stars, Cars & Boys

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