Kids Keep You Honest


A new school year has a special energy to it. It’s that “this-is-my-time” energy…The idea that change is really possible. You can finally ask that girl out, make the cheerleading squad, take the football team to all the way to state, or maybe just make a good enough grade in English to keep your parents off your back.

Or maybe that’s just small, hometown stuff.

Cory & I ran around Tishomingo Friday night with my parents, stopping by the first football scrimmage of the year. We wanted to support kids we knew and family friends, plus check out the much-buzzed-about new football coach in action.

As we made our way to the stands we had to weave through clumps of socializing teens. Cory says to me “I forget how strange this age is.”

Whew, me too. Thankfully.

As weird as that time-warp was, it got even better on Saturday night. I stopped by my in-laws & had the distinct pleasure of hanging out with some of Cory’s first cousins (He has fourteen. These people reproduce like the Duggars).

Anyway, two of which just started the 6th grade. We had some real-talk, swapping stories about embarrassing middle school moments. I shared about the time I sat at an entire table by myself in the cafeteria because no one liked me. Then I was upstaged by the time Trevan’s teacher refused to let him leave class to go to the bathroom, so he ended up pooping his pants. Right there in the middle of class. We collectively agreed that Trevan won the “most embarrassing middle school moment” award.

We talked about obnoxious teachers, step parents, making friends, fighting with friends and even did a little gossiping on the older cousins. The eldest batch is 22-29, and we are much less sneaky and much less cool after hearing the 12 yr old perspective. Kids keep you honest.

In other news:
We met Raylee Sage Willingham, Cory’s 14th first cousin

I helped my father-in-law create a Facebook page

Cory’s grandmother attributed life-long  girl friendship to the mutual sassiness & lots of secrets

I joined a book club (more on that later)

Mack has been made free of the cone

What did you do this weekend?



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