Dirty & Nude


I often joke that if it comes in a shade of dirt, it’s in my house & closet.

I almost exclusively dress, and decorate, in black, white, red and brown. I have always been drawn to these neutral tones: in high school, all my prom & homecoming dresses were white (despite the snobby protests of my female classmates) and my wedding was virtually void of color. I always associated black & white with timelessness. And after looking back at those lime green 2006 prom dresses, I’m glad I did.

Until Stitch Fix, I owned only two pieces of blue clothing. I told my stylist that I hate the color blue, and since then I’ve only purchased pieces in shades ranging from aqua to indigo. Those SF ladies like a challenge.

I also have a pretty strict policy on animal print. As in, I do not wear it. Ever. I’m afraid to mention it to my stylist out of fear she will prove me wrong.

While I occasionally branch out into unknown territory, I don’t foresee abandoning the personal brand anytime soon. At least, not until the camera crews show up from What Not To Wear.

In keeping with the dirty & nude color scheme, here are some pieces on my wish list.

Anything & everything from DiamondsAreEvil.com 

I discovered these pieces in Austin, & fell in love. An architect student began making jewelry from leftover scraps from wood shop, using a laser cutter. Each piece is made with responsibly-farmed Baltic birch plywood, which is lightweight but incredibly durable. I love the texture of the pieces & the geometric shapes.

Francesca’s earrings

This boutique is my go-to for gifts (and occasionally something for myself). Whatever your tastes, from classic to funky, they have it. Vintage-esque accessory styles appear to be back, and although I prefer stud earrings, I couldn’t help but lust after these Avalon Jewel Drops.

Initials, Inc. Signature Bag in camel

Oh, Initials. I am not always a fan of the prints they release season-to-season (they make my eyes hurt!). But, when it comes to functionality, they pretty much take the cake. I’m in love with my neutral-toned, chevron tablet case from this company: the wristlet strap and zipper pocket make it perfect for carrying my work iPad & notes to and from meetings. I also love the organizer bins, and ordered them in tribal prints for my office. The initials options allow me to label everything, and my inner type A loves that.

My friend, Lindsey, is a consultant & when I noticed this camel, faux-leather bag of hers I about stole it from her. Too bad it had a big, black “L” on the side. Guess I’ll just have to get my own. I also love the additional options to personalize with Initials, like leather tassels to clip onto the signature bags. It takes the piece from classy to a little bit hipster/50 Shades.

And what woman doesn’t love that.


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