Lazy Sunday Reads & Finds!


Hey Guys! I’ve been running’ & gunnin’ this week, but finally taking a break from all the creating to catch up on my favorite spots around the web. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite finds. Enjoy!

Do you ever think really bad/nasty/mean/scary thoughts? Here’s how to deal.

Why you should take time off and how to make it count.

I am drooling over these handcrafted horn Gladiator cuffs.

Why you don’t necessarily need a five year plan. BOOYAH.

Allow me to introduce you to my new skin care obsession. This foundation has oodles of SPF & is also a skin corrector…perfect for all y’all who have acne scars (like me…womp womp). Get it here!

Here’s a little secret…Cory & I are looking for a house (!!!!) Join me in drooling over these European spaces.

I’m gonna need these sandals.

I loved skulls because CJ has one tattooed on his back & I spend many a mornings waking up to the sight of it…Now I have an affinity. Drooling over these decorations.

I’ve started a collection of these. You’ll always see me wearing one.

Proof I’m obsessed with the idea of taking a woodsy retreat. Summer vacation?

I already have these sunnies but I think these are in my future.

I love succulents. I love saying succulents…It’s just a fun word. Plus, these plants are gorg. I spent way too much money buying some from this awesome shop.

Want to learn how to amp up the graphics & branding for your small business? Consider this workshop in OKC.


Hope y’all enjoyed this lazy, rainy Sunday. I’ll be blogging this week about my latest design projects, why freelance is freakin’ hard and the book that may have just changed my life.

Till then,




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