The L Word

I’m only, oh, 10ish years behind on watching and loving the TV series The L Word. To be fair, I was 14 when the series first aired – the Showtime hit that follows the lives of a group of lesbian friends living in L.A. isn’t exactly tweeny bopper material.

I first heard about this series from my husband – he had lots of lesbian friends in college and often watched bits of the series with them. He laughed off the sometimes-super-racy scenes but gave it a great review.

After being hounded by friends to finally watch it, I found the series on Netflix and hit play. I’ve been watching it nonstop since. It’s funny, sexy, relatable and addictive. The women are executives, housewives, hairdressers, students, writers, small business owners and sports figures. They’re witty and funny and kind, sometimes confused about their own lives and choices. They face parenting alone, discrimination, breakups, breast cancer, the death of parents, divorces, military deployment and career changes. They’re extremely loyal and painfully honest.

It’s the most relatable series I’ve ever watched. Which is interesting for someone who isn’t gay and has very little in common with anyone who lives in West Hollywood. I’ve never dated a woman, a solider, a person dying of cancer. I’ve never buried a parent or been fired from a job. I’ve never dealt with addiction or fame. But on a very simple but profound level, I understand what it means to be a woman. And I’ve never watched a series that so perfectly illustrated the nuances of female friendships and what it means to be a woman in this world – an educated, passionate, ambitious, smart, funny woman.

What series are you watching and loving (even if you’re a little late to the game)? Tell me in the comments!





One thought on “The L Word

  1. We’ve been watching House of Cards since A was born, and I’m totally intrigued by it. So far, it’s not too scandalous for my sensibilities, and I love love love smart political dramas.

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