Life, Lately: June 2014


I’m starting to feel like a real, traveling gypsy. Give me a tambourine and a pet goat and I will officially fit the bill.

I’ve been ping-ponging between College Station, Tishomingo and OKC for the last few weeks. Cory is traveling all over for safety trainings while I am taking the time to see friends and continuing to juggle freelance meetings, deadlines and design projects. I’m living out of a duffle bag and kind of all over the place but it’s fun and exciting and breath a fresh air. I get to live a little, write a little, design a little and learn a lot in the process.

The blog, thereby, has fallen to the wayside a little. And, man, I hate that. I want to spill my guts to you guys about all the “big life things” that are in the works for us right now, but I’ve learned over the years that really great things – like sunrises and sunsets and all the miracles – have to unfold quietly and in their own time. And  I only need to be still and watch the magic happen…not everything in this world is dependent on my actions or interventions. In fact, hardly anything is.

So, in the meantime, I’m taking stock of what I’m up and what’s on my mind.




Making: Oatmeal, topped with brown sugar, blueberries & raisins

Cooking: Does oatmeal count as cooking?

Drinking: Beer – the perfect beverage for summer activities

Reading: The One and Only by Emily Giffin

Wanting: Another sunny afternoon by the pool

Looking: Through design books. My favorite is the Letterhead & Logo Design series

Playing: Golf

Deciding: What book to read next

Wishing: I owned all the Warby sunnies

Enjoying: Honestly, just taking the time to create and learn new things and starting my summer masters courses

Waiting: For news…

Liking: Khloe Kardashian’s indian headdress at Kidchella

Wondering: How Iggy Azalea has such a tiny waist and bumpin’ booty. Some girls are just lucky, I guess

Loving: Seeing and unexpectedly running in to old friends

Pondering: Grabbing some watercolors and giving a shot at digitizing some illustrations

Considering: Starting Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. I’m behind, I know.

Watching: Netflix. Always Netflix.

Hoping: To get out of life limbo, the sooner the better

Marvelling: At how tolerable the summer temps have been. I remember much hotter days.

Needing: Caffeine. Always caffeine.

Smelling: Honeysuckle, my favorite summer scent

Wearing: Second-hand, ripped up jeans and a SOSU shirt circa ‘78

Following: This Instagram account. WANTING ALL THE THINGS.

Noticing: When people demonstrate patience

Knowing: Better things are coming

Thinking: About taglines, call to actions, etc. Designer-y things. Oh, and feature story intros, transitions. Writer-y things.

Feeling: Optimistic

Admiring: The people who never change – in that really great, deep-down-in-the-soul kinda way.

Sorting: Clothes into piles for packing up or giving away.

Buying: Typefaces and lipstick

Getting: What I need, and luckily, what I want most days

Bookmarking: New blogs and type foundry sites

Disliking: Impatient people…Take a deep breath, chill out and wait your turn, yo.

Opening: Thank you notes

Giggling: Over texts from Cory


Cozy Home


Making the transition from college student to full-time, for real “adult” requires taking your style with you along for the ride. I’ve already blogged about transitioning your wardrobe, but now that that is (mostly) accomplished, I’m onto transitioning my home into a place full of beautiful things.

Our teeny, two-bedroom, 800 sq. ft. apartment is best described as primitive cottage meets cozy coffee house. Every room is marked by dark, warm colors, funky textures and pictures of us. Quilts top every soft surface and candles flicker from every tabletop (always pumpkin, pine or cinnamon scented!). Some mismatched, handed down furniture still has real estate here, but with some little additions, we’ve morphed it into something we are happy to come home to.

We wanted to share with you what makes our house a cozy home.

1. Texture, texture, texture.  I feel about texture like some people feel about color: there can never be enough. Ruffled throw pillows on the couch, ruffled shower curtains, faux furr throws and rugs and quilts stacked in an otherwise empty chair give the place a homey feel.

The great thing about incorporating texture into your home is that it. is. so. easy. And  cheap! Instead of revamping an entire room, switch out your current throw pillows for something of a different texture. Or find a rug (like this faux furr favorite of mine, from TJ Maxx) that is completely different in texture from anything else in your room. Things suddenly become more interesting with one new & different piece.


2. Keep it Primitive & Proper My mother is the master of decorating with primitive charm. She was sweet enough, as I was moving away from home, to gift me some of her favorite pieces. But now I’m taking her primitive charm & adding my own spin on it: handcrafted pottery – like this bowl from Austin artists  – and decor made from tin & wood make this apartment in a smoldering Texas college town feel like a cottage tucked away in the woodsy northwest. I fill my favorite bowl with potpourri…so like my mother. A touch of nostalgia makes a house a home.


3. Display memories What I love about our home is that it is a living museum of sorts…a warehouse of our memories. The key to keeping memories fun & not freaky weird (like, say, keeping your grandma’s ashes in a vase on the mantle or something) is getting outside the box with your decor choices. For example –  there is not a single picture of my grandparents in my house. But when I found this 1920’s-inspired, gold lined Bingo dish, I had to have it: it reminds me of my Bingo fanatic grandparents, and spending Christmas morning playing Bingo with them and our family.

Similarly, these atlas letters hanging in our spare room reminds me of our great travel memories, and keeps me mindful of how important traveling is to our lives. Whatever your favorite memories or mantras are, find decor that reflects that.


I keep a moodboard of my house & home inspirations here.

Is your life in transition? How does your home reflect where you’ve been, & where you’re going? Tell me! Give me your tips in the comments!